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A Company Dedicated to Its Clients

Smith Shellnut Wilson (SSW) is a registered investment advisor specializing in managing investment portfolios for individuals, corporations, and foundations.  SSW offers its clients a combination of skilled investment management and unremitting client service.  Smith Shellnut Wilson is dedicated to the premise that client relationships and performance, not transactions, are the ultimate goals.

It is the objective of SSW to provide unremitting client service with a professional investment philosophy and approach.  

“We are relationship oriented individuals, and we gear our business toward becoming full financial partners with our clients.”

A Value Driven Investment Philosophy

Smith Shellnut Wilson consistently adheres to a value oriented investment philosophy.  The Company believes in paying attention to time honored economic and investment fundamentals as opposed to frills and fads; and believes that markets are efficient, guided by a basic trade-off between risks and reward.  SSW further believes that identifying strategies and securities with superior relative value is the product of diligence, experience, and expertise.

SSW searches for relative value where opportunities have been overlooked, where over-reaction to certain events has created opportunity, and where innovation has led to opportunity.  SSW identifies absolute value through its proprietary forecasting models.  Markets are cyclical, providing significant opportunity infrequently.  Identifying and capturing trends based on historical keys adds significant value for the clients of SSW.  The Company constantly monitors both equity and fixed income markets to determine appropriate entry and exit points.

Once value has been identified, the Company believes in moving cautiously, but swiftly.  Markets self-correct, always limiting access to windows of opportunity.

A Personalized Structured Approach

The investment approach of Smith Shellnut Wilson combines its value driven philosophy with its client orientation mission.  The Company follows a four-step discipline to ensure superior results.

  • Step 1 is the development of a customized strategy designed to meet the objectives of the individual client.  Through personal dialogue, a plan is established matching client goals with risk tolerance and market opportunity.
  • Step 2 is the execution of the plan.  SSW utilizes its experience and its understanding of the markets to provide clients with the most efficient execution of transactions available.
  • Step 3 is communication at regular intervals.  SSW believes that a major component of client services is understandable, frequent reporting.
  • Step 4 involves review and measurement of results relative to the plan.  Conscientious reviews facilitate both course adjustments and confirmation of established strategy.

An efficient, Client-Friendly Operation

Smith Shellnut Wilson provides clients with detailed reporting of activity and positions which may include: listings of assets at cost and market, statements of income and dividends, reports of receipts and disbursements, and schedules of gains and losses.  Each client account is personally administered and reviewed by a principal of the firm.  The principal is responsible for ensuring that client portfolios are managed efficiently and communication is maintained at the highest level.

“Our clients are impressed by tangible results, not Wall Street hype.”

Smith Shellnut Wilson… Your Financial Partner

Securities markets are a constantly evolving sea of change offering a unique combination of opportunities and risks.  Charting the appropriate course toward your financial destination, and navigating that course, requires the assistance of a professional financial partner.

Smith Shellnut Wilson would like an opportunity to become that partner… give us a call.

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